A Guide to Steeping E liquid

There is so much that can be said about Flavour and Steeping a lot is down to personal taste. But we have created A Guide to Steeping E liquid for you. We of course pre steep all our E Liquids for great flavour. However when a NIC Shot is added some people restart the entire steeping process. Please see our guide on how to use a NIC Shot.

Custards and Complex Dessert Flavours

We ship at a minimum of 2 weeks steeped. However for many 2-4 weeks is usually ideal. However, some flavours can be left even longer. Some people believe that these flavours continue to improve for  several months of steeping.

Fruits and Menthol

Most fresh fruit and menthol flavours won’t require much, if any, steeping before use. Many of these flavourings react poorly to breathing in particular, and can lose flavour when this is done for too long. Occasionally fruit flavours can separate and this is fine and quite normal Just shake your bottle vigorously before use and use as normal. Some fruit flavours come naturally coloured some are completely clear.

Colour of Eliquid.

Why does my Eliquid start off light and darken over time ? This is just the nicotine reacting with sun light and not a sign of steeping. You could have a bottle of Eliquid in Zero Nicotine that was a year old and it would still be the same colour however you could have one thats a week old with nicotine that had darkened.